Student Corner

Student Start Up club

The club has many outbound activities which can make the students overall development, key idea behind is to nurture the entrepreneurial skills & mould the students in attainment of perceived value. Prof Manjunath Naik is taking care of SSC, an initiative from the department of Management studies

Business Model Canvas

Students exhibit creativity and innovation in product development and selling, Prof Padmavathi has channelized BMC. This would build the technical and managerial skills required for the Management professional in drastic way

Investors Pitch Desk

To nurture the entrepreneur skills of the students the department is hosted investors meet. This would enable the investors to throw a light on the various investment opportunities available for funding

Knowledge and Carrier Enhancement

Alumni interaction plays a vital role in disseminating the information from industry to academicia, this would enable the present students to explore the opportunities available outside. The department is organizing frequent alumni interactions, so as to enable the students interaction

Industrial Visits

working pattern of the company should be seen practically the existing students are taken to industrial visits which is forming a part of the curriculum, These industrial visits are useful in getting the expected amount of knowledge and skills

Expert talks

Conceptual background is driven by live examples for which expert talk is arranged by the department frequently, This would build the domain knowledge of the students and make them active. Very much needed activity for placements also

Outbound Learning

The environment of learning never has an end, These would create impact in the mindset of the students. The department has a culture to take the students outside, making them to learn through various activates. This is very much inclined in the MBA program offered by SJCIT, Department of MBA

Student Mentoring

Identification of weaker students and making them to work hard is one of the challenging task for any faculty, We at the department of MBA has a commendable student mentoring tasks which facilitate the students to learn

Mandatory Subject VIVA

This is a unique character of Department of MBA, Making the students to compress his subjective questions which can increase the confidence level of the weaker students also

Induction Program

The Department of MBA conducts induction program for the fresher’s every year this program will aim at making the students stay comfortable for the next two years, Experts will make the students more interaction and strengths of the each student is identified.