Industry Institute Interaction


  1. Use of resources from industries and the institute for benefit of Industries, students and Society. (Like MOU)
  2. Making Available Institute infrastructural facilities to the industries and vice versa.
  3. Training and the knowledge update through faculty exchange.
  4. Encouraging entrepreneurial skills among the students and conducting entrepreneurial development activities.
  5. Organising seminars, symposiums exhibitions and workshops on latest technological advancements.
  6. Arranging soft and hard –skill enhancement programs.


    Industry Institute Interaction is essential for ensuring best practices meets current skills requirement across all functional areas of the institute. It goes a long way in enhancing a student’s interpersonal skills and making him/her industry-ready. Such interactions are not always limited to just case discussions or internships. Industry-institute interaction activities like panels and summits may also be organized by institutes to bring together researchers, academicians, visionaries, thinkers, experts and practitioners so that students can massively benefit from intensive mentoring by enthusiastic and highly committed industry professionals. 

    These interactions help to tackle the doubts and concerns that students usually have about the industry. It gives them in-depth knowledge about what they can expect and how they have to groom themselves to achieve successes. With an industry-institute partnership cell, in college, student will get upkill or / and reskill before graduate. This boost-up the confidence that student can take their theoretical (and practical) knowledge ahead to carve out a niche for themselves in their chosen industry.