Recruiters Guide

Intake of SJCIT MBA is 60. Students will be grouped as per the specialization in the second year. The following specialization offers:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Finance & Marketing
  • Marketing & HR
  • HR & Finance
  • Business Analytics

Note: Insist Students to complete certification courses on Operations, Analytics, Digital Marketing, SCM, CRM etc.

Recruiters who wish to conduct presentations and participate in the placement process at SJCIT-MBA are requested to communicate with the HR Manager and Training & Placement Coordinator

SJCIT provides necessary infrastructure for conducting campus drives and pool drives based on the requirement of Companies.

The pay package so far in the college is Minimum 3 Lakh per Annum and Maximum 10 Lakh per Annum.

Pre -Assessment & Placement Schedule

Schedule Details
First Schedule
October to December
*Category A Companies Campus Drive               
Second Schedule
January to March
**Category A & B Companies Campus Drive
Third Schedule
April to June
***Category B & C Companies Campus Drive

Students will complete the MBA course in the month of August/September every year

Note: All timelines are tentative and subject to change as per the academic schedule.

*Category A – Companies who can offer jobs 10 Months before completion of MBA course

**Category B – Companies who can offer jobs 6 Months before completion of MBA course

***Category C – Companies who can offer jobs 3 Months before completion of MBA course