Skill Development and Wellness

9. Skill Development and Wellness:-

  1. Poster Making Competition
  2. Logo Designing with tag line
  3. Public speaking
  4. Creative Arts and Design Strategy
  5. Digital Marketing Skills
  1. Hard Skills:-
    1. Readily quantifiable
    2. Knowledge based such as subject proficiency training and specialized qualifications
    3. Fluency in language
    4. Technical skills ( R programming, SPSS)
  2. Soft skills
    1. Collaboration
    2. Problem solving, Stress Management
    3. Decision Making
    4. Flexibility
    5. Ability to cope with challenges
    6. All these are learnt though management fest, my talks, Alumni meet and other club activities
    7. Self-Actualization and Competency Development
  •  Student Development Programs on Contemporary Issues International Yoga day, Health and hygiene camps
  •  The act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes instead of just serving you are thriving
  • Spiritual Wellness:- Our state our nation, Emotional wellness:- Meditation
  • Physical Wellness;- Yoga,
  • Social Wellness:- Institute social Responsibilities ( ISR)